The classic VINFERMATON RAPID has improved its effectiveness whilst maintaining its image and pleasant lemony scent. Insecticide suitable for fighting all kinds of flying insects especially flies and mosquitoes.



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provides continuous and effective protection against insects.


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Our first ever product!
Over 35 years killing those pesky mosquitoes.

Insecticide Floor cleaner,
which not only cleans and kills crawling insects and leaves a pleasant lavender aroma.
Disinfectant Cleaner
Multipurpose cleaner with superior disinfectant power, non-bleach with a pleasant pine scent.
Vinfer Matón After Bite
Aloe Vera based
High quality product, based on the perfect synergy between of natural soothing action extracts and refreshing substances.
The pH of the formulation is 5.5, ideal for applying to the epidermis due to its degree of nearness to the physiological pH of the skin.
Tested under dermatological control.
DOES NOT CONTAIN AMMONIA and does not sting.

Special formulations for mosquito and wasp stings.


Nuestra marca VinferMatón dispone de una de las soluciones insecticidas más amplias del mercado, con productos específicos para combatir insectos voladores, rastreros, avispas, etc. En Laboratorios VINFER S.A. contamos con una amplia gama de insecticidas.